Javier Peralta

Director & Business Coach

Why do you love working for ActionCOACH?
When I was a child my dad was a business owner, he would work long hours through the week and would often work weekends. It was only when he retired he told me that the butterflies left his stomach for the first time. I realised that running a business should give you life and it often doesn’t. I love working for ActionCOACH because it allows me to help business owners to enjoy the journey that comes with running a business – without the butterflies in their stomachs.

Tell us something interesting about yourself:
When I was 17 my father set me a life changing challenge which I accepted in full stride. I moved to London without speaking a word of the language and completed my University degree in economics. I have since moved up to Scotland and now help over 250 businesses a year to grow towards their full potential.

What are your favourite pastimes?
I often play golf and tennis. I also love an unrushed cup of quality coffee with friends.

What’s your favourite quote?
‘Don’t wish life were easier, wish you were better’ – Jim Rohn

Ryan Porter

Business Coach

Why do you love working for ActionCOACH?

I am part of an incredible team who are all working to improve the lives of others so it is a very positive environment which I am proud to be part of.  I have always been interested in the development of others and truly believe that people are capable of great and amazing things when given the right opportunity and environment – as an ActionCOACH I get to help people see how far they can really go which is a great privilege.

What are your favourite pastimes?

I enjoy playing golf (when I can),  playing guitar with my son and spending quality time with my family.

What’s your favourite quote?

“The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well.” – John D Rockefeller Jr

Coral Gallagher

Social Media Manager

Why do you love working for ActionCOACH?

Every day is a school day at ActionCOACH. It’s extremely rewarding working for a team who nurture personal growth. I find myself continuously inspired working with a team full of forward thinking individuals!

Tell us something interesting about yourself:

I shamelessly pride myself on my ability to hold a handstand for a minute.

What are your favourite pastimes?

Anything  that will exercise my creative brain and spending time upside down – never both at the same time.

Favourite holiday destination?

Australia – minus the spiders.

What’s your favourite quote?

“Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour.”
― William Cowper

Umehra Ahmed

Executive Assistant

Why do you love working for ACTIONCoach? 

I love the fact that we help individuals, teams and businesses grow and develop.

What are your favourite pastimes? 

Baking, watching movies/box sets, eating out, going for walks and some retail therapy!

Tell us something interesting about yourself:

I have 7 sisters and one brother who is the youngest. I am the 4th oldest.

What’s your favourite quote?

“Sleep in peace tonight for God is greater than anything you will face tomorrow”

It reminds me not to feel anxious or daunted by anything and to do my very best.

Laura Thorburn

Marketing and Events Manager

Tell us something about yourself…
My title is ‘Lady,’ that’s right…I am Lady Laura Thorburn!

Favourite holiday destination…
I love to travel down to Cornwall with my family; this also means that I can take my dog Archie. But my favourite holiday was spending a month in Indonesia!

What’s your favourite quote?
‘If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you’re a disappointment.’ – James Vincent, Managing Director.

James Vincent

Coach Performance Director

What are your favourite pastimes?
Playing games and having fun with my children. Nothing better than a summer day in the back garden playing all day long. BBQ, fun, smiles, laughter and many games!
Plus…fine single malt, taking my beautiful wife out for nice meals, family holidays and watching action movies!

What are your top three 14 points of culture?
Commitment, Excellence and Abundance

What’s your favourite quote?
‘Get busy living or get busy dying’

Dhru Parmar

Digital Marketing Executive

Why do you love working for ActionCOACH?
We have an incredible team that gels well together even with our coaches that are spread out all over the country. Hearing client success stories and how they’re able to take their business to the next level is also satisfying to hear.

Tell us something interesting about yourself:
I can drift a car sideways if that’s interesting enough?

What are your favourite pastimes?
Motivational videos, going on long drives and working