As the son of an entrepreneur himself, Javier has always been fascinated by business; how they are run, and how they grow.

At the age of 17 he decided to venture out and fly to London for his education, where he graduated in Economics at University College. He has worked in a number of industries giving him a breath of experience in small, medium and large businesses.

After completing an MBA at Manchester Business School, he was hired by a European start-up to grow the business in the UK from scratch. There, he led a team which managed to grow the business from £1m to £11m in 5 years. After such successful launch, he was headhunted by another start-up where he helped grow the business from £500K to £5m in a space of 3 years. This involved two rounds of Venture Capital funding.

Javier has extensive international business experience. Over the last 25+ years he has conducted business in different cultures across Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East and Africa, where he had to recruit, grow and work with very diverse teams. Javier’s focus and passion lies in helping local businesses grow exponentially with the right systems in place, the right people and the right financial KPIs, while enjoying the journey and improving one’s personal life style. Having more time for family and one’s own dreams by working on the business rather than in the business, becoming financially independent, and building a robust business that runs without you.

He is a successful property investor in Glasgow, and believes in giving back to the community. He helps run a local charity, helping disadvantaged children achieve their true potential by developing their unique characters and becoming the best they can possibly be.

A keen golfer, runner and tennis player, he believes that the way you play sports often reflects the way you behave in business.

Javier favourite quote: “If you can quit the rat race, why stay in it?”