How will coaching help me?


In coaching there are two elements we focus on. One is you and the other is your business. Coaching you as a person is transformational. You will learn, grow and become the best version of yourself. We will teach you how to navigate your business so that you work more on the business rather than in the business. You will be shown how to use our proven 6 steps system so you can achieve massive results and ultimately build a business that runs without you.

In short, the 6 steps are as follows;

Step 1

Destination mastery - where is your business going?
Time mastery - time is the single most powerful resource we all have, this will lead you to create massive productivity gains for you and your team.
Delivery mastery - how easy is it to buy from you? what is the consistency on delivery of your service?
Financial mastery - this is about knowing your numbers. We will cover; net profit margin, gross profit margin, break even point, KPI dashboard. We want you to have all of your numbers at your fingertips because you can only manage what you measure and you can only improve what you manage. Measure what matters.

Step two

Niche (aka marketing) - making predictable cash flow. Here we will look at your USP and guarantee - do you have one, and if so how good is it? Optimising your conversion rate. Increasing the average sale in your business. Getting your clients to come back time and time again - profit is in repeat business. We will look at increasing your gross and net profit. We will take you through the 5 ways to double your sales and profits in 12 months.

Step 3

Leverage - Putting systems and processes in place. Systemise routine, humanise exception. It is usually a system fault before it is a person's fault.

Step 4

Teams - Getting the right team in place, we will walk you through the onboarding process, training them, and how to retain talent. Recruit attitude, train skill. Teams run the systems and the systems run the business.

Step 5

A well oiled machine - Running your business in autopilot; a GM who runs the team, the team who runs the systems, the systems then run your the business. You can then focus on taking care of your team, your team takes care of your customers, your customers take care of your business and your business takes care of you.

Step 6

Wealth creation - You will now have created a business that can run without you. This will allow you to create wealth beyond your business; buying/ investing in other businesses, franchising, and so on.

How much does it cost?


We have two main coaching programs; group coaching and one-to-one coaching. Depending on the program that is right for your business it can range anywhere from £99 p/m to £3000+ p/m. Depending on the frequency of coaching and the number of people involved in the program.

How long is the commitment?


To get the best from coaching, we recommend that you commit to at least 12 months. You can however stop coaching with a month's notice.

How do I know coaching is right for me?


In order to know whether coaching is right for you, we will take you through our business coaching process, which concludes with a complimentary business strategy session. This will require some homework from you;

a brief call with your coach.
complete a business background questionnaire, to get the most from the complimentary business strategy session.
A one hour video, showing you the 6 steps to build a business that can run without you.
A 90 minute complimentary business strategy session.

The coaching process will take around two weeks. You will not only experience coaching in action but you will also see how you will react to it. Furthermore, you will have at least 7 powerful takeaways that you can implement straight away and have an impact on your business.

How do I choose a program?


For you to choose the right program we need to first find out whether coaching is right for you. Not everybody is coachable and coaching is not for everyone, and that is fine. At the end of the coaching process you will have all the information you require, and we will walk you through the different coaching options available to you. At that point you will know which program is right for you.

Are the results guaranteed?


Yes, we are so confident on our programs that we have a 6 month money back guarantee. In the first 6 months of coaching, if you haven’t got at least the return on your investment, we will pay back the difference. For this to work you must attend all the coaching sessions and do the homework from each session that you agreed to do. It’s just like having a personal trainer in the gym, you will only improve your body to the measure you do the exercises.